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Spring is plowing and planting season!
"Friends with Tractors" by Rodney Atkins
Once the ground warms up and dries out in the spring we need to work it up to provide optimum conditions for the seeds to grow.   The seagulls always know where the tractors are and follow them everywhere.
Once the ground is ready to go, we can start putting the seed in.   This year, the tractor has been equipped with auto steer to keep the rows perfectly straight which will help the harvest.   This should not be confused with driverless tractors, though.   An operator still needs to be in the tractor keeping track of everything and turning the tractor around.
Then, we wait........
The kids like to check the field everyday, waiting for that first bit of green popping up out of the soil.  The corn thrives on the warm, sunny weather and will grow very quickly.
May 19, 2012