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Summer is growing season!!!
"Amarillo Sky" by Jason Aldean
From June to August, our corn grows from being a couple inches high to over our heads.  Soybeans can grow from being two little leaves to being waist high in some fields.  Our wheat goes from looking like a lawn to being waist high and a bright golden color.  Our summers are always busy, and full of priceless moments.  To learn more about what we do in the summer, visit our summer activities page.
On the left, our corn has just tasseled.  It is way over our heads, and now ready for pollination.  The pollen is stored in the tassels at the top, and will fall onto the silks in order to start forming an ear.  We hope that it rains in about a week period after tasseling, since this helps the pollen fall onto the silks.  Corn usually tassels in late July, and the ears develop from then until late August.
These are our soybeans right around the time of flowering.  It is hard to see then they do flower because of the leaf coverage.  This leaf coverage also means that it is very easy for beans to get white mold during this time because it is hard to get ventilation.  Deer love our soybeans too!  We include soybeans into our crop rotation because they are known as legumes.  This means they have nodules on their roots that can convert the nitrogen from the air to the soil.  This means we do not have to supplement the amount of nitrogen in our soil as much.  Corn uses a lot of nitrogen so planting soybeans in our fields every two to three years helps to decrease the amount of synthetic nitrogen we have to apply.