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Growing high quality grain is our top priority
Welcome to Dodge Farms, LLC.
We grow and harvest high quality grain in Northern New York using the latest technology and equipment.  Our grain is used as feed for livestock locally and throughout the Northeast.  It is also used in ethanol production.  
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by kristen dodge on 10/06/12

We are getting into harvest time, when the weather cooperates.  It's been a tough weather year.  After a month of drought over the summer, we finally got rain, at the last minute, just in time for the corn crop to be saved.  We spent all of July waiting for the rain, fearing it wouldn't come in time.  We were relieved when it finally did.  We will not have a bumper crop, but we are hoping most of it will bring a decent yield.

Now that it is fall and we should be harvesting, but the rain isn't letting up enough. We have had a couple of good days to harvest the soybeans but the beans, need good dry weather in order to be combined.  We need more of those at this point. 

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