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Growing high quality grain is our top priority
Welcome to Dodge Farms, LLC.
We grow and harvest high quality grain in Northern New York using the latest technology and equipment.  Our grain is used as feed for livestock locally and throughout the Northeast.  It is also used in ethanol production.  
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Summer is here!!

by kristen dodge on 07/02/12

Swimming, birdwatching, beach, gardening, blueberry picking, picnics, biking.......  We love summer and the beautiful weather!!! 

We are enjoying every minute of the sunshine, but praying for rain.  The corn needs a lot of water to grow healthy and strong at its optimum rate. Farming is an incredible amount of work, but we also depend on the cooperation of Mother Nature and the weather.    Without the right conditions, the amount of work we put in doesn't matter - it still won't bring the results we need.  There is a delicate balance of sunshine, rain, and heat - here's hoping we get plenty of sunshine to play in and enough rain to keep the corn growing fast. 

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