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We found corn popping up today!!!!

by kristen dodge on 05/19/12

The kids were out working in the garden and found the little green corn shoots - that's always an exciting sight!  The men are busy working long and late hours in order to take advantage of this beautiful weather and get the seeds in the ground. (I'll try to post pictures soon.)   They are about half done.  They started moving equipment to Black River today to work on those fields this week.   The concrete foundation for the new grain bin has been put in, and they will return to build the bin sometime in the next few weeks.  The extra storage will be very helpful.

At home, our strawberries are looking beautiful and should be a bumper crop as long as we can keep the chipmunks out.  We are starting to get the vegetable seeds in the ground.   I'm trying a few new things this year including rutabaga.  I always like to try something different to keep things interesting.  We are going to the greenhouse to buy plants tomorrow.  I love this time of year!!!

I saw two male hummingbirds at the feeder today and  the female came later in the afternoon.  We have seen many of our bird friends but as always I'm having trouble keeping the squirrels out of  their feeders!  We have had hundreds (at least it seems that way) of red admiral butterflies.  I've enjoyed watching them fluttering around the yard.  We don't typically have that kind, but I heard they got re-routed on their migration by weather and they seem to be sticking around.  The first monarchs showed up a couple of days ago, only a day or two after the milkweed came up - they have good timing!!  The fawns should be arriving soon too.

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